Music Therapy Gateway In Communications (MTGIC) and SoundCorps are pleased to announce that the UNFoundation of Chattanooga has granted funds for distribution to Chattanooga area musicians during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Music fans have universally recognized the aesthetic, societal, and therapeutic value of music in this time of social isolation as people turn to music for comfort and education in their homes. Even so, many musicians have found themselves in financial crisis, bringing in just a fraction of their regular income for the foreseeable future. To help relieve some financial stress for professional musicians, 100% of funds from this grant will be utilized to provide immediate aid to Chattanooga area musicians who are struggling to pay bills and buy groceries.


The application portal opens on July 13 and closes on July 25, 2020. Applications will be reviewed and payments processed by August 3, 2020. The minimum award for any applicant who is approved is $100. Larger awards may be granted. All Chattanooga area performing musicians and those who support performance endeavors (arrangers, composers, audio engineers, producers, educators, etc.) who have lost a significant amount of income due to COVID-19 are welcome to apply.


To access the online application form, visit

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