SoundCorps is proud to welcome producer, artist, and educator Keith Proffitt as the facilitator of the upcoming Craft Masters music industry intensive course. Keith will be responsible for helping Chattanooga’s most dedicated music industry entrepreneurs to realize their dreams through the Craft Masters business accelerator.  

SoundCorps Executive Director Stratton Tingle says, “Keith could not have joined us at a better time, as SoundCorps continues to push for growth within Chattanooga’s music industry despite the setbacks experienced by musicians as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re excited about the wealth of knowledge Keith brings to Craft Masters through the years he has spent building his own brand as a music producer, artist, music publisher, and industry executive with Beatzforever Ent. / Adobe Road Records / Sony Red.”

SoundCorps’ vision is to re-establish Chattanooga as one of America’s great music cities with a healthily growing cultural economy. Success for SoundCorps means Chattanooga has more music venues, sound recording studios, record labels, record stores, retail outlets, music industry professional services firms and more. If you are a local musician or music industry professional interested in building a career in the music industry while living in Chattanooga, connect with our Craft Masters program at