In the era of the internet, everything is at our fingertips. Including the ability to be and create anything you imagine. For musicians, this brings the opportun
ity to develop themselves with total independence. That said, we introduce Moodi, a product of R&B roots with an electro-pop spin. 

Moodi began his relationship with music on another level in 2015 when he began singing in a band with some of his friends and coworkers. This short-lived endeavor introduced a younger Moodi to what would become his passion for songwriting and producing his own music. Over the course of roughly three years Moodi said, “I made a lot of really bad music. Never thought about what it would look like visually. Never thought about music on streaming. I had no knowledge of being a musician other than the fact that I wanted to do it and I felt like I had things to say.” First, releasing as MSTR, Moodi created various projects, but it wasn’t until January of 2018 with the development of “Chance” that he says he really heard what he wanted to hear. From that point, it was a few months later with the making of “Almost Over”  that Moodi heard what he wanted to sound like as an artist. Now with his latest EP 2fold, Moodi says “Transitioning from then to now with the release of 2fold, I feel more confident and the biggest jump is, I feel I’m able to make music without being in emotional distress. Making 2fold it started organically and I was having fun with it. I wasn’t intending to make a project, it just sorta happened.” 

A product of quarantine and a desire to release as much music as possible in 2020, Moodi says, “At the beginning of the year I wasn’t sure when I would get another break to release music as I had wanted. Then when quarantine began, I had all this free time. I had the beat for a lot of what is now my EP. Including the beat for 'Goner,' which was produced by Rock Floyd. It had been sitting in my email since around Christmas of last year. That beat is sort of close to what I usually do but I was also intimidated by it because it's fast and I didn’t know that I could do it justice. So yea, I was impacted by quarantine because it made me feel brave, because if I have all this time, not with anyone. If it doesn’t go well, no one has to hear it. It gave me the confidence to do things I was putting off." 

     “All the music I made before 2fold is produced by me. Which is another reason this project is different for me because it’s the first time I’ve ever had outside producers, but also a good challenge to step out of my comfort zone,” says Moodi. First developing World Eater independently in March, it wasn’t until Moodi received the beat for “Omen” by Jack Boyd in late July that he knew it would become an EP. It was “Omen” and “No Reflections” that would be the last two songs to make the EP 2fold that dropped October 1st on streaming platforms. 

Moodi leaves us with this, as an artist in the Chattanooga community making something: “First and foremost I feel really hopeful for the Chattanooga music scene. Discovering people like Kindora, Rock Floyd, and Bbymutha all these incredible people coming from different backgrounds making music in this place. You start to realize, maybe I was just looking in the wrong places.”