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Hitting the right note

August 28, 2015
Chattanooga Chatter posted an article on the platform that SoundCorps' gives to local artists. First, came a focus on the Chattanooga…

Selling Chattanooga's music scene

August 24, 2015
Times Free Press published an article about Chattanooga's new music marketing director, Mary Howard Ade.   August 24,…

A Local Band Branching Out From the Roots of Reggae: An Interview with The Iscariots

August 14, 2015 posted an article featuring Chattanooga's local electro-pop reggae band, The Iscariots. The Iscariots call Chattanooga…

Big Changes Coming to Chattanooga’s Entertainment Scene

August 12, 2015
WRCB TV detailed the vision behond Chattanooga Choo Choo's Revelry Room. August 12, 2015- Crowds from near and far have been…

Watch Isaiah Rashad's Obey Your Thirst Documentary Trailer

July 13, 2015
On July 13, 2015, Isaiah Rashad got national recognition from Fader Magazine. Much like Drake and his hometown of…

In town, on track: Boom in local studios offering Chattanooga musicians a cheaper recording alternative to bigger cities

July 12, 2015
Times Free Press posted on article on local studios in Chattanooga. July 12, 2015- In a day and age when more and more aspects of life are…

Chattanooga Gospel: Tut's Corner Stories Are Bringing A New Spirit to Hip-Hop

July 7, 2015
Noisey featured Tut's album Preacher's Son in July of 2015. July 7, 2015 - Driving into Chattanooga from the north along Interstate…

Natural Habitz, Appealing To A Wide Fan Base

May 11, 2015
RBL wrote an article that featured the Chattanooga hip hop group, Natural Habitz. April 11, 2015- Natural Habitz (Meda,…

Chattanooga Musicians Discuss Legacy of Bessie Smith

April 15, 2015
The Times Free Press interviewd local musicians to talk about the legacy of Bessie Smith. When Neshawn Calloway moved to Chattanooga in…

Jazzanooga Unveils MLK Boulevard Banner Project

April 26, 2014
The Chattanoogan covered the unveiling of Jazzanooga's MLK Boulevard Banner Project. The team behind Jazzanooga, Chattanooga’s…