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SoundCorps Spotlight: Jade Alger

March 6, 2018
Jade Alger’s music is shaped by the eclectic influences of European classical instrumentation and American folk lyricism, where…

SoundCorps Rewind: Joshua Green

January 30, 2018
In November 2016, Joshua Green embarked on a music journey that would require fortitude he never knew he had. He vowed to create a new drum…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Jonathan Susman

December 19, 2017
Jonathan Susman is a familiar face to Chattanooga’s music scene. When he’s not being business professional in his role as the…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Danimal Pinson

November 7, 2017
It’s not everyday that you meet a full-time, respected musician who got his start by covering Nintendo music. Danimal Pinson,…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Robert Posey

November 2, 2017
Robert Posey is a familiar face in the Chattanooga music scene. Robert is one of Chattanooga’s most devoted concert attendees,…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Hollie Daugherty

October 24, 2017
Hollie Daugherty’s love of music began at the age of eight. She was so moved by a friend’s recital performance of…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Joshua Pickard

October 10, 2017
Joshua Pickard is a friend to many in the local music industry, having reviewed countless album releases, music festivals, and the growing…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Carl Pemberton

September 26, 2017
Carl Pemberton is an active member of the local music scene who got his start early on as a professional pianist at 12 years old.  He…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Matt Macaulay

September 19, 2017
Matt Macaulay is a London native who was exposed to music early in his life. His mother was a violin/piano teacher and his father was…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Bruce Kaplan

September 11, 2017
Bruce Kaplan is a full–time physician and moonlighting musician who has played guitar and mandolin for most of his life. He and his…

SoundCorps Spotlight: MeLyn Thompson

August 22, 2017
MeLyn Thompson grew up with the voices of her mother and grandmother echoing throughout a church hall in Chattanooga. When she was nudged…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Heather Holt

August 15, 2017
Heather Leigh Holt is a familiar face in Chattanooga’s music scene, where she can often be found performing at Tremont Tavern’s…