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SoundCorps Spotlight: Jonathan Susman

December 19, 2017
Jonathan Susman is a familiar face to Chattanooga’s music scene. When he’s not being business professional in his role as the…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Danimal Pinson

November 7, 2017
It’s not everyday that you meet a full-time, respected musician who got his start by covering Nintendo music. Danimal Pinson,…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Robert Posey

November 2, 2017
Robert Posey is a familiar face in the Chattanooga music scene. Robert is one of Chattanooga’s most devoted concert attendees,…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Hollie Daugherty

October 24, 2017
Hollie Daugherty’s love of music began at the age of eight. She was so moved by a friend’s recital performance of…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Joshua Pickard

October 10, 2017
Joshua Pickard is a friend to many in the local music industry, having reviewed countless album releases, music festivals, and the growing…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Carl Pemberton

September 26, 2017
Carl Pemberton is an active member of the local music scene who got his start early on as a professional pianist at 12 years old.  He…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Matt Macaulay

September 19, 2017
Matt Macaulay is a London native who was exposed to music early in his life. His mother was a violin/piano teacher and his father was…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Bruce Kaplan

September 11, 2017
Bruce Kaplan is a full–time physician and moonlighting musician who has played guitar and mandolin for most of his life. He and his…

SoundCorps Spotlight: MeLyn Thompson

August 22, 2017
MeLyn Thompson grew up with the voices of her mother and grandmother echoing throughout a church hall in Chattanooga. When she was nudged…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Heather Holt

August 15, 2017
Heather Leigh Holt is a familiar face in Chattanooga’s music scene, where she can often be found performing at Tremont Tavern’s…

SoundCorps Spotlight: Swayyvo

August 10, 2017
Jerod “Swayyvo” Morton is a man of many talents, one of which has him widely recognized in Chattanooga as the talented Sidewalk…

Promote Your Show with the Food Bank

August 10, 2017
September is National Hunger Action Month and the Chattanooga Area Food Bank reached out to SoundCorps to see if we could encourage our…